Learn a Little About Me

My Story

My parents were Polish immigrants that came to this country to make a better life. They worked hard and had two amazing children. Me and My brother Jake. I was born in Chicago and we moved as a family to Colorado in 1996. My Parents Bought a Hotel and we lived on the Hotel property. Growing up I learned work ethic and that a family business only works if everyone does their fare share. My summers were spent waking up early and cleaning rooms, then I was allowed to go out and play with my friends. After high school I went off to college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas where I made plenty of mistakes and earned my Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management. 


After I graduated I moved back to Colorado to take over the family business. After 4 years of day in and day out grueling work and many more lessons learned it was time to get out of the situation that was causing me stress and move back to Las Vegas to start my life over.

When I moved back to Las Vegas... Almost immediately my wife at the time left and I was struggling. 

That is when I decided to Pick my self up off the floor and start fresh. I began my journey by working on my body first. Through this process of getting healthy, everything else started to fall into place. My mind got happier, my income started to grow, I began to travel as often as I could afford to and that is when I picked up my GoPro Camera flew to Colorado for a Vacation and filmed my first video.

After I got home I wanted to see if I could learn how to edit a video. 

8 hours later I looked up from my computer screen and I had Finished My first Travel Video.

I was so addicted to the creating process and wanted to film everything every chance I got. 

My first year on youtube I made 9 Videos. They made me smile but it wasnt enough.

Earlier this year (2018) I decided to do a Daily Video Vlog. I have been uploading everyday since and loving every minute of it.

The Channel is still finding it bearings.

Currently It is Primarily a Travel Vlog with Motivational Content between travels.

Maybe eventually it will be a Family Travel Vlog if we ever have kids...


My Weight Loss Journey

Dude I was straight up 

fat, unhappy, and needed change in my life!


The Love that Drives Me

This is My Wife Adrianna. I met her in Poland. There is a cool story 

about how we met. Her instagram is @littlem0use